Local and State Elected Officials Letter

to President Biden (Fall, 2023)

On November 16, 2023, Back from the Brink released a letter signed by over 200 local, county and state officials calling on President Joe Biden to fulfill his campaign promise and act decisively and urgently to confront the existential threat to humanity posed by nuclear weapons. The letter urges the United States to send delegation to the Second Meeting of State Parties to the UN Treaty on Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) and to initiate negotiations with all nuclear weapons states toward a verifiable, timebound agreement to eliminate all nuclear weapons from the planet.

President Joseph Biden
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear President Biden:

We, local and state elected officials from throughout the country, write to you about a clear and present danger—the growing threat of nuclear war—to urge you to act decisively and urgently to confront this existential threat to humanity and all we hold dear.

In July, 2022 you said “I have a responsibility to act with urgency and resolve when our nation faces clear and present danger.” You also speak regularly and eloquently about the American people’s ability to take on big challenges and accomplish whatever it is we set out to do as a people, as a country.

There are a number of steps you should take immediately that will significantly reduce nuclear risks, make the United States and the entire world safer and get us back on the path to a world free of nuclear weapons.

As you know these goals are shared by the other major nuclear powers whose leaders joined with you in 2022 to declare that “a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought” while also affirming the shared obligation under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation (NPT) Treaty “to pursue negotiations in good faith on effective measures relating to cessation of the nuclear arms race at an early date and to nuclear disarmament.”

Mr. President, it’s time to act before catastrophe strikes and our luck runs out.

From November 27th to December 1st, 2023, the 2nd Meeting of States Parties to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) will be held in New York City. We urge your administration to send an observer delegation to the meeting. Doing so would send a clear signal to all nations — notably those countries that have either signed or ratified the TPNW — that their voices, concerns and desire for a safer world matter and that you believe the treaty can be an effective tool to make progress on global nuclear disarmament.

During the 2020 presidential campaign you said, “I will restore American leadership on arms control and non-proliferation as a central pillar of U.S. global leadership…I will work to bring us closer to a world free of nuclear weapons so that the horrors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are never repeated.”

We urge you to show that leadership now by formally inviting Russia, China and all nuclear weapons states to enter into negotiations to pursue a verifiable, time bound agreement to eliminate all nuclear weapons. Such an invitation to pursue dialogue and diplomacy built on a foundation of mutual self-interest in preventing a catastrophic nuclear war is precisely what is needed right now in the midst of heightened global tensions.


wdt_ID First Last Title City State
1 Cliff Groh State Representative Anchorage AK
2 Kevin Dahl Tucson Ward 3 City Council Member Tucson AZ
3 Adelita Grijalva Chair and Supervisor, Pima County Board of Supervisors Tucson AZ
4 Bapu Vaitla City Councilmember Davis CA
5 Jim Provenza Yolo County Supervisor Davis CA
6 Liz Campos City Council Member Ventura CA
7 Addison Winslow City Councilmember Chico CA
8 Tyron Hampton City Councilmember, First District Pasadena CA
9 Juan Orozco City Council Member Ukiah CA
10 Caity Maple City Councilmember Sacramento CA
11 Aaron Brockett Mayor Boulder CO
12 Judy Amabile State Representative, Colorado House District 49 Boulder CO
13 Lauren Folkerts City Councilmember Boulder CO
14 Keith Denning State Representative Wilton CT
15 Marilyn Rossetti City Councilor Hartford CT
16 Dee Durham County Council Member, New Castle County Wilmington DE
17 Marvin Lim State Representative Norcross GA
18 David Tarnas State Representative Honolulu HI
19 Jeff Shipley State Representative Birmingham IA
20 Bob Kressig Iowa State representative Cedar Falls IA
21 Elinor Levin State Representative Iowa City IA
22 Jonathan Nieuwsma City Councilmember Evanston IL
23 Margaret Croke State Representative Chicago IL
24 Dr. Brian Sager County Board Member Woodstock IL
25 Isabel Piedmont-Smith City Council Member Bloomington IN
26 John Hamilton Mayor Bloomington IN
27 Dennis Highberger State Representative Lawrence KS
28 Ruth Ann Palumbo State Representative Lexington KY
29 Owen Zaret City Councilor Easthampton MA
30 Patricia Jehlen State Senator Somerville MA
31 Karen Foster City Councilor, City Council Vice President Northampton MA
32 Tony Palomba Councilor-at-Large, Watertown City Council Watertown MA
33 Rachel Maiore City Councilor Northampton MA
34 Stanley Moulton Ward 1 City Councilor, Northampton MA Northampton MA
35 Lindsay Sabadosa State Representative, First Hampshire Northampton MA
36 Gina-Louise Sciarra Mayor Northampton MA
37 Michael Barrett State Senator, Commonwealth of Massachusetts Lexington MA
38 Jo Comerford State Senator Florence MA
39 Emily Norton City Councilor Newton MA
40 James Arena-DeRosa Massachusetts State Representative Holliston MA
41 Alison Leary City Councilar at Large, Ward 1 Newton, MA Newton MA
42 Samantha Montano State Representative Jamaica Plain MA
43 Carey McDonald City Councilor Malden MA
44 Carol Doherty State Representative Third Bristol District Taunton MA
45 Quinton Zondervan City Councilor Cambridge MA
46 Sumbul Siddiqui Mayor Cambridge MA
47 Bill Henry Comptroller Baltimore MD
48 Nicole Williams State Delegate Greenbelt MD
49 Lorig Charkoudian State Delegate Annapolis MD
50 Laurie-Anne Sayles Councilmember At-Large Gaithersburg MD
51 Anne Carney State Senator, Dist. 29 Cape Elizabeth ME
52 Sophie Warren State Representative Scarborough ME
53 Bruce White State Representative Waterville ME
54 Cheryl Golek State Representative for district 99 Harpswell and Part of Brunswick Harpswell ME
55 Rebecca Millett Representative Cape Elizabeth ME
56 Abby King Vice-Chair, Brunswick Maine Town Council Brunswick ME
57 Sande Updegraph Brunswick Town Councilor Brunswick ME
58 Regina Weiss Michigan State Representative Oak Park MI
59 Natalie Price State Representative Berkley MI
60 Chris Vitale City Councilman St. Clair Shores MI
61 Denise Hayman Senator Bozeman MT
62 Julie Mayfield Senator, District 49 Asheville NC
63 TJ Cawley Mayor Morrisville NC
64 Tim Mathern State Senator Fargo ND
65 Skip Rollins NH Representative Newport NH
66 Michael Granger Representative, Strafford 2 Milton NH
67 Charlotte DiLorenzo State Representative Newmarket NH
68 Timothy Horrigan New Hampshire State Representative, Strafford County #6 Durham NH
69 Stephen Kennedy NH State Representative, Hudson NH Hudson NH
70 John Cloutier State Representative, NH House Claremont NH
71 Jodi Newell State Representative Keene NH
72 Hope Damon NH State Representative Croydon NH
73 Ellen Read State Representative Newmarket NH
74 Kristin McLaughlin Mercer County Commissioner Hopewell Township NJ
75 Shirley Turner Senator Trenton NJ
76 Samuel Frisby County Commissioner Trenton NJ
77 Verlina Reynolds-Jackson Assemblywoman/State Representative Trenton NJ
78 Nina D Melker Mercer County Commissioner Hamilton NJ
79 Andrea Romero Representative Santa Fe NM
80 Antoinette Sedillo Lopez NM State Senator Albuquerque NM
81 Hank Hughes County Commissioner Santa Fe NM
83 Bill Tallman State senator Albuquerque NM
84 Linda Ervin County Legislator Syracuse NY
85 Mary Kuhn Onondaga County Legislator Syracuse NY
86 Robin Wilt Councilmember Town of Brighton NY
87 Susan Hughes-Smith Monroe County Legislator Rochester NY
88 Mark Olson County Legislator Fayetteville NY
89 Harvey Epstein Assembly Member New York NY
90 Christine Corrado Councilmember Brighton NY
91 Daniel Troy State Representative Willowick OH
92 Dale Miller Cuyahoga County Councilperson Cleveland OH
93 Tom Bullock City Councilman at Large Lakewood OH
94 Tavia Galonski State Representative Ohio House District 33 Akron OH
95 Melody Joy Hart President of City Council Cleveland Heights OH
96 Tony Cuda City Council Member Cleveland Heights OH
97 Mary Boren State Senator Norman OK
98 Khanh Pham State Representative for OR House District 46 Portland OR
99 Representative Tawna Sanchez State Representative, House District 43 Portland OR
100 Mark Gamba State Representative HD 41 Milwaukie OR
101 Lauire Chaplen Councilor Corvallis OR
102 Xan Augerot County Commissioner Corvallis OR
103 Lyndsie Leech City Councilor Eugene OR
104 Vanessa Nordyke Salem City Councilor, Ward 7 (Salem, Oregon) Keizer OR
105 Dan Frankel State Representative Pittsburgh PA
106 Benjamin Waxman State Representative Philadelphia PA
107 David Bennett State Representative Warwick RI
108 Alana DiMario Senator Narragansett RI
109 Linda Duba State Representative Sioux Falls SD
110 Ghazala Hashmi State Senator Richmond VA
111 Heather Chase State Representative Chester VT
112 Theresa Wood State Representative Waterbury VT
113 Andrew Perchlik State Senator, Washington District, Vermont Marshfield VT
114 Jim Maslandh State Representative Thetford Center VT
115 Anne Watson State Senator Montpelier VT
116 Clark Gilman Mayor Pro Tem Olympia WA
117 Jamie Pedersen State Senator Seattle WA
118 Sharon Tomiko Santos State Representative Seattle WA
119 Gerry Pollet State Representative Seattle WA
120 Kate Dean County Commissioner Port Townsend WA
121 Steven Shea Milwaukee County Supervisor Cudahy WI
122 Alex Joers State Representative Middleton WI
123 April Kigeya Dane County Supervisor Madison WI
124 Joel Lavarda County Board Supervisor Oconto Falls WI
125 Gail Larson Cleveland Heights City Council Member Cleveland Heights City OH
126 Katie Valenzuela City Councilmember Sacramento CA
127 Sara Hannan State Representative Juneau AK
128 John Kuhar Kent City Council Ward 4 Kent OH
129 Das Williams Santa Barbara County First District Representative Santa Barbara CA
130 Ryan Braunberger North Dakota State Senator Fargo ND
132 Julie Palakovich Carr State Delegate Rockville MD
133 Jennifer Kassan City Councilmember Fremont CA
134 Sophia Mayott-Guerrero City Councilwoman Lakewood CO
135 Rod Sullivan County Supervisor Iowa City IA
136 Jose Gonzalez City Councilor Salem OR
137 Lindsey LaPointe State Representative Chicago IL
138 Kari Dolan State Representative Waitsfield VT
139 Cathy Kipp State Representative, Colorado Fort Collins CO
141 V Fixmer-Oraiz County Supervisor Iowa City IA
142 Andrew Zwicker New Jersey State Senator Hillsborough NJ
143 Theresa Meshes McHenry County Board Member Fox River Grove IL
144 Olivia Bennett County Councilor District 13 Pittsburgh PA
145 Dave Considine State Representative Baraboo WI
146 Christine Barber State Representative Somerville MA
147 Mary Ann Carbone Mayor Sand City CA
148 Mark Squilla 1st District Councilmember Philadelphia PA
149 John Marty State Senator St. Paul MN
150 Robert Englund Cheshire County Commissioner Munsonville NH
151 Betsy Stix Mayor Ojai CA
152 Andreae Downs City Councilor Newton MA
153 Jimmy Anderson State Representative Fitchburg WI
154 Satya Rhodes-Conway Mayor Madison WI
155 Tag Evers Alder - District 13 Madison WI
156 Alex Bores Assemblymember New York NY
157 James Provenza County Supervisor Davis CA
158 Andi Story State Representative Juneau AK
159 Rene Spring Mayor Pro Tem Morgan Hill CA
160 Dina Nina Martinez-Rutherford Alder District 15 Madison WI
161 Heather Edelson State Representative Edina MN
162 Kristen Slack Alder Madison WI
163 Joe Vogel State Representative Gaithersburg MD
164 Justin Cummings Third District County Supervisor Santa Cruz CA
165 Trevor Phillips City Councilor Salem OR
167 Nadia Hasan Beaverton City Councilor Beaverton OR
168 Martita Martinez-Bravo Councilmember Camarillo CA
169 Martin Looney Senate President Pro Tempore New Haven CT
170 Michael Brennan State Representative Portland ME
171 Frederick Prendergast Commissioner Aston PA
172 John W. Duncan Alder - District 1 Madison WI
173 Michael Verveer Alder Madison WI
174 Bill Kinne Onondaga County Legislator 15th District Syracuse NY
175 Natalie West City Councilor - at large South Portland ME
176 Rachel May State Senator Syracuse NY
177 Erika Strassburger City Councilperson Pittsburgh PA
178 Chris deGruy Kennedy State Representative Lakewood CO
179 Robert Laraway Town Councilor Orono ME
180 Jheanelle Wilkins Delegate, Maryland's 20th Legislative District Silver Spring MD
181 Tom Andersen State Representative Salem OR
182 John W. Mannion State Senator State Senate District 50 NY
183 James Dill State Representative Old Town ME
185 Poppy Arford State Representative Brunswick ME
186 Mark Faldet County Supervisor Decorah IA
187 Margaret Craven State Representative Lewiston ME
188 Tony Unrein Councilmember Thornton CO
189 Vaughn Stewart State Delegate Rockville MD
190 Kate Stewart County Councilmember Takoma Park MD
191 Marshall Hyde Councilmember Corning NY
192 Anna Hansen County Commission Chair Santa Fe NM
193 John Laesch Aldermen-at-Large Aurora IL
194 Steve Bennett Assemblymember Ventura CA
195 Mich Kidani Vice President, Hawaii State Senate Honolulu HI
196 Ryan Clancy County Supervisor Milwaukee WI
197 Marianne LaBarge City Councilor Northampton MA
198 Jimmy Monto Common Councilor Syracuse NY
199 Brian Donohue Town Board Member Orangetown NY
200 Manna Jo Greene Ulster County Legislator Cottekill NY
201 Fazlul Kabir Mayor College Park MD
202 Frank Cownie Mayor Des Moines IA
203 Talisha Searcy Mayor Takoma Park MD
204 Jesse Arreguin Mayor Berkeley CA
205 Shirley Vermace County Supervisor, District 3 Decorah IA
206 Sharon Harker Mayor Beaufort NC
207 Kyle Brown State Representative Louisville CO
208 Ben Walsh Mayor Syracuse NY
210 Becca Rausch Senator Needham MA
212 Pious Ali City Councilor at-large/ Mayor Pro Tem Portland ME
213 Lucy Vinis Mayor Eugene OR
214 Renee Villarreal City Councilor Santa Fe NM
215 Sadaf Jaffer Assemblywoman Montgomery NJ
216 Maria Hadden Alderwoman Chicago IL
217 Yasmin Trudeau State Senator Tacoma WA
218 Bobby Williams City Councilor Keene NH
219 Jane Fuller County Councilor Lopez Island WA
220 Cindy Wolf County Councilor Orcas Island WA
221 Evan Glass Montgomery County Council President Rockville MD
223 Daniel Biss Mayor Evanston IL
224 Randall Gibson Council Member Tacoma Park MD
225 Javier Valdez Senator Seattle WA
226 Shana Fulcher Councilor Takoma Park MD
228 Will Jawando Councilmember Montgomery County MD

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