Below, we’ve collected a variety of articles and opinion pieces that discuss the links between nuclear weapons and the current COVID-19 pandemic. They also outline the commonsense policies that governments can adopt in order to prevent future crises, including nuclear war.

We must save lives from COVID, new nuclear arms race by Dr. Peter Wilk and Councilman Pious Ali

The Novel Coronavirus and Nuclear Weapons by Sergio Duarte and Dr. Ira Helfand

What the coronavirus can teach us about nuclear weapons by Jon Letman

How many intensive car beds will a nuclear weapon explosion require? by Tom Sauer and Ramesh Thakur

Will Covid-19 save the world? by Dr. Ira Helfand, Dr. Arun Mitra, and Dr. Tilman Ruff

Budgets are Moral Documents: Nuclear Weapons and COVID-19 Response by Dr. Robert Dodge

Covid isn’t the only threat we need to address by Jim Sawyer

Priorities: Putting war over healthcare spells doom by Kit Burns

Pandemic Chronicles: The Unhealthy Symbiosis of the Military-Industrial Complex by Jasmine Owens

Pandemic Chronicles: Are We Fighting a War Against COIVD-19? by Marina Favaro

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