Thank you for your interest in getting involved with Back from the Brink. By working to change our nuclear weapons policy, you are helping to make your community and the world safer. Together,  we can grow this movement, make a difference, and create change.

We’re seeking endorsements from a wide variety of sectors and encourage you to think creatively about who you can ask to endorse Back from the Brink. Please feel free to reach out to us at  info@preventnuclearwar.org with further questions about how to best get involved with this effort.

Click the buttons below to endorse Back from the Brink, review our advocacy tools including our organizing guide and sample resolution, and see current legislation related to nuclear weapons.


“Decisions about the United States’ nuclear weapons are made by people we elect. These weapons belong to us, and the people who manage them work for us. Back from the Brink is more than a set of policy proposals. The five points are instructions for the U.S. President and Congress. We, the people living in the United States, have the unique ability and responsibility to demand our instructions be followed.”

David Combs
Midwest Outreach Coordinator
Global Security Program
Union of Concerned Scientists

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