On December 10th, Montgomery Country, Maryland became the first county to pass a Back from the Brink resolution, joining cities and states around the country in calling on our elected officials to take commonsense steps to prevent nuclear war. This milestone was achieved thanks to the hard work of Maryland Peace Action, Sandy Spring Friends Meeting, and local Pax Christi activists, among others.

The resolution passed without opposition, in a 8-0-1 vote, thanks in part to a strong showing by the local activist coalition responsible for shepherding the resolution through the legislative process.

The resolution notes that the $1.47 billion dollars that leaves Montgomery Country in taxes each year to pay for nuclear weapons could instead be spent on “proper investments in transportation including Metro, safe drinking water and infrastructure.”

Elected officials at all levels of government have a responsibility for the safety of their communities. Even though these entities might not have the jurisdiction to change federal policy, they have the ability to demand action from those who do.

Thanks to all the people who were involved in this process for making their voices heard and demanding saner nuclear policies.

The text of the resolution can be found here.

If you’re interested in pursuing a city, county, or state resolution, and want some guidance in how to get started, email Alex at info@preventnuclearwar.org.

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